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Sh.Vinod Kohli basically belongs to renowned Kohli Family of Chandigarh. His father Shri Madan Pal was already engaged in his high profile business and Hi-Tech agriculture Business. Keeping in view the welfare of Farmer Community, an idea came in the mind of Kohli family that business of Green House/ Net House may be started. For fulfilling this purpose Shri Vinod Kohli visited Israel, USA and Canada and took agriculture training there. For experiment he installed his owned 28 Green Houses in 2007 and after that to aware the farmer community for organic farming and Green House Farming, he started district wise promotion of Hi-Tech agriculture and Green House Farming. From 2007 Shri Vinod Kohli has become the biggest Hi-Tech Agriculture/Green House Farmer, Manufacturer and Distributor in North India.

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Shri Vinod Kohli and his companies are also offering TURN KEY PROJECTS AND CONTRACT BASED FARMING, Organic farming and enormously best range of agricultural products. Under TURN KEY PROJECTS / CONTRACT BASED FARMING (If a beneficiary who is in possession of land upto 10 Acre or more than that, he can avail this facility. Under this Shri Vinod Kohli can arrange loan facility from Nationalized Bank, setting up Poly House/ Green House, Net Houses with Flowers and Vegetables Plants, including Bed Making, Soil Treatment, Water Treatment, Green House Farm Designing and Installation of Automatic Drip Irrigation System, Water Tank/Pond & Doctor (Agronomist) Facility. Under this scheme he will pay annual lease money of Rs. 3 Lacs per Green House per year under the cultivation of Rose and Rs. 2 Lacs per Green House per year under the cultivation of Vegetables in Poly House of 10 Acre. Further labour charges, electricity, water charges and all expenses related to Poly House will be borne by Shri Vinod Kohli and his companies. Repayment of Installment of pending loan amount after reimbursement of subsidy received from NHM/ NHB will be paid by Shri Vinod Kohli and his companies. SERVICES



Shri Vinod Kohli is earning multi Crores income per year from Hi-Tech Agriculture Green Houses and Sale of Agriculture products i.e. Plants of all Hybrid Flowers, all Hybrid Vegetables and Income from other business activities. He has good reputation in the market for his honesty and his good efficiency in business dealings. He is man of his principals and always stands by his commitments. He is the person who thinks and works in the interest of the farmers before thinking about his own profit maximization.


Shri Vinod Kohli is master in Hi- Tech Agriculture and experienced farmer. He is currently managing approximately 270 acres of Green Houses within Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan region in India. For production of all Hybrid Flowers and Vegetables, he has started installation of all types of Indian and imported i.e., Israel, USA, Spain Green House Structures.

He is compiled with all business and agricultural regulations and requirements including qualified and experienced doctors, farm labour contractor, qualified and experienced Staff, Farm Designers, agricultural pest control advisors, business advisors and Best Farm Worker’s etc.


Complete set up of Shade Net House/ Poly House with land leveling & foundation (design and material made in Israel), Automatic Drip Irrigation System with A to Z fittings and pipes (Made in Israel and USA) and Crop Plantation after Water and Soil treatment (plantation of hybrid vegetables and flowers as per customer demand).

Water Tank for Irrigation purpose, RCC or plastic sheet with 5.0 micron made in Israel (as per customer demand) with Labour Quarters, Cold Store, Project Boundary with fancying Wire and Gate (as per customer demand).100% production buyback arrangement/ agreement and all after sale services (as per customer demand) and Upto 1 to 7 years insurance from Nationalized Company (as per customer demand).

Free subsidy consultancy from NHM (National Horticulture Mission), NHB (National Horticulture Board), Free of cost agricultural training and doctor consultancy from our company and upto 100 % loan facility from NBFC and Nationalized Banks (Loan Consultancy without any commission).

For Customer Satisfaction Our Company Provides Free Of Cost 7 Year Services And MOU/ INSURANCE Related To Any Type Of Damages/ Problems (Repair, Sheet / Shade Net Replacement, Drip Replacement) In Poly House/ Green House, Net House Structure, In Automatic Drip Irrigation System And Any Type Of Virus Or Disease In Plantation Or Any Loss In Production As Per Company’s Commitment.


Shri Vinod Kohli is handling the various renowned firms and Companies as Managing Director with his technical support namely Himalaya Group of Companies, Taj Group of Companies, Punjab Group of Companies, M/s Break Time Foods India Pvt. Ltd. under which firms namely M/s Earth Agro Farm, and other firms.


Shri Vinod Kohli is doing his business of Installation of Poly House/ Net House from last 10 Years. His main aim is for welfare of Farming Communities and stand by his commitments vide which Income of farmers may increase day by day. After conducting the proper and appropriate market survey and taking customers view on all aspects, he is indulging the features in his products. His aim of business is that farmer community may earn huge profits through Production of Hybrid flowers i.e. Gerbera, Rose, Lilium, Carnation, Hybrid Vegetables i.e., Tomatoes, Capsicum, Cucumber and other Vegetables in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and other states of India. For this purpose we are always ready to provide all types of agriculture services i.e., Approval of Loan, Release of Subsidy, Training of Agriculture, Guarantee/Warrantee of Products and Insurance. With the installation of Green Houses/ Net Houses farmers will be able to provide the organic vegetables which may get rid of the people of this region from dangerous diseases due to spraying pesticides and using chemical fertilizers.

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